10 Countries With Highest Death/Mortality Rate In The World


Mortality rate is the measure of deaths in a specific population of a country. These deaths are very difficult to control because it is in the control of God. Highest death rate countries are worrying about the future of the nation. These deaths should be with any cause like war or other general causes.

In 1950 the deaths per thousand people in one year was about 19 which was highest death rate in figures. It means that 19 people out of 1000 died yearly. But after that it was decreasing and in 2015 it came on to 8.3. After a research we discovered that it will increase again in future and will go on 10 in 2050.

If countries want to slow down the world death rate statistics then they have to provide best way of life with all resources like medical, water, sanitation, hospital, transport system, security, education and best houses to live.

Accidents and fights had also very bad impact in the history. The countries have to make the best hospital system. Diseases should be prevent from humanity. Heart attack remained the major problem of all time.

Many people died with heart problem and it is still affecting. List of world death rate statistics are calculated by our team to show you the abstract figures given in this post.

Highest Death Mortality Rate In The World
Highest Death Mortality Rate In The World

Leading Causes of Death In The world

  • Cardiovascular diseases
  • Infectious and parasitic diseases
  • Ischemic heart disease
  • Cancers
  • Stroke

Doctors have to prevent such disease from humanity, so that they can slow down the highest mortality rate. Water has the major part in disease. There are many countries which have not clean water to drink.

They drink water which is not filtered from the germs. Road accidents are also increasing the mortality rate, many people travel on the same time in hurry without following the rules of Transport.

So, they get crashed with others. Education is very important in every field of life, it can give you knowledge. It can produce the new prevention methods of new and old diseases.

List of Countries With Highest Death / Mortality Rate In The World

Rank Country Name Deaths/1000
1  South Africa  17.75
2  Ukraine  15.83
3  Lesotho  15.42
4  Chad  15.12
5  Guinea-Bissau  14.74
6  Central African Republic  14.62
7  Afghanistan  14.37
8  Bulgaria  14.23
9  Somalia  14.17
10  Russia  13.84

Q: Which country has the highest death rate in the world?

South Africa has the highest mortality rate in the world about 17.75 persons out of 1000 yearly. These figures are the total number of deaths in one year per one thousand population. Unfortunately South Africa has all the leading causes of death in the country. They are now building the health care institutions to decrease that highest death rate from the nation. Qatar has the smallest mortality rate in the world about 1.5.


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