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Top 10 largest flax producing countries in the world

Flax is agricultural product. Here you will find the largest flax producing countries in the world. Flax is one of oldest fiber. Stone age people used that fabric. Clothing and garments remain dependent on fibers. Fibers came according to age and people used.

Where is flax grown?

Flax is grown in low temperature areas of world. It supports cool weather instead of hot for high production. Flax production by country tells the story of weather importance. Fertile lands gives the high output.

Canada is the largest flax growing country. Because land supports such cultivation. Furthermore, people have long time experience to grow it. As, quality is the main factor for exports and high price. Belgium is known to be best quality flax producer country. It gives blue flowers and brown or golden colored seeds.

How do you use flaxseed?

Raw seeds are commonly used in bakeries. Flaxseeds prevent diseases from human body and boost the energy to make it strong. It’s uncommon to use flaxseeds with meal. But food industry used it with different technique. They introduced bread. Bread is made with variety of seeds including flax. People love to eat that stuff.

As a result, bakery shops opened in urban areas. They got the new technique to use seeds for food. Bakery introduce new baked food products with different taste. Seems like that move toward the food industry appreciated by people.

What are flaxseed oil benefits?

Seeds are pressed and stricken with strong power to get the oil. Largest flax producing countries have proper industries for different processes. Its oil is used occasionally. Oil is rich with nutrients. Humans require nutrients for healthy life. Its oil is commonly used to make medicine.

People use it locally as a remedy. Its oil is cure for many diseases. Skin problem and blood pressure issues can be managed. Natural remedies are the best medicine. Prevents the cancer germs from human body.

Although, cooking foods with vegetable oil is pure technique. In fact natural things have no side effects. Its chemical properties support many detergents. Hence it is used in many industrial processes.

flax in the field
flax in the field

Flax fiber production and uses

It is oldest and major fiber producing plant. Fiber is supplied to textile industries. Sheets and garments are the best linen product. Flax is expensive and uncommon.

Consequently, cotton became famous in short time due to less expensive fiber market rates. Therefore, that has done a decline in the market of flax fiber products. People moved toward the cotton production. But still the flax is best quality fiber.

What type of fabric is linen?

Linen is the brand name. Flax textile derive that brand. It remain fresh and cool in hot weather. As a result, industries made daily use fabric garments, sheets, towels etc.

Most noteworthy, history shows the wild fiber plants in the ancient ages. Since Egyptian people were cultivate flax during the ancient times. Clothing the linen fiber dress was the highness and pleasurable. Linen was one of most used fiber product in the world until the new fiber products found.

Health is the main factor for any product and it has extraordinary advantages for healthy life. In addition, flaxseed food is healthiest.

Top 10 largest flax producing countries in the world

RankCountry NameTonnes
1 Canada 873,930
2 Kazakhstan 421,743
3 China 389,360
4 Russia 366,278
5 United States 161,630
6 India 145,840
7 Ukraine Unknown
8 FranceUnknown
9 ArgentinaUnknown
10 ItalyUnknown
 World 2,658,736

Q: Which is the largest flax producer country in the world?

As a result, Canada has topped in list of flax producing countries in the world. Northern areas have best suited fertile land and cool weather. Canada has the best flax growing conditions in the northern areas of the country.

Canadian council has the major character in its production and trade. Therefore, industries make different products which promoted and marketed at national and international markets. A wide flax production by country leads to export. That level of production is beneficial for national interests.

Canada mostly export their flax to China and United States. As, we have mentioned earlier that it is used vastly. Canada supply flaxseeds and oil for making food and industrial processes.

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