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Olive Oil Producing Countries in the World

Olive oil extracted from olives. Olive oil producing countries are the mainly along the Mediterranean Sea. That area has the best soil for cultivating such products.

Long before ancient age, people discovered the way of getting that oil and used for many purposes. Now mostly used for cooking.

Many other products also use it due to its benefits. History shows that people grow olive trees and trade them to others areas of the world.

As per quality, Italy grows the best olives. They export the most olives in the world. That is rich with health benefits which attracts the traders to best quality production countries.

That production has rapidly spread to other countries due to its demand. The United States of America also been keen toward the olives production as California been the largest olive producing state in the United States.

Asian countries also growing olives as they have seen the high production rates in many Mediterranean countries.

Olives pressed with machines to extract the oil. In ancient times, people used their hands to press. Now it’s easy and simple to get the pure oil.

List of the largest producer of olive oil maintained by our team to show you the best possible figures.

Olive Oil Producing Countries
Olive Oil Producing Countries

Top 10 Olive Oil producing countries in the World

RankCountry NameProduction (Tons)
1 Spain 1,231,580
2 Italy 598,630
3 Greece 343,280
4 Syria 176,450
5 Tunisia 158,370
6 Turkey 146,840
7 Morocco 99,360
8 Algeria 61,740
9 Portugal 56,310
10 Argentina 24,970

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Q: Which country is the largest olive oil producer in the world?

Spain is the largest olive oil producer country in the world. More than 4.5 million acres of land covered with olive production.

More than 70 percent of world total production belongs to Spain. Spain is along the Mediterranean Sea which provides the perfect platform to produce the high amount of agricultural products.

But as per quality, we see that Italy ranks first in olive oil producing countries, they have more export than Spain due to its pureness and taste.

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