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Country with Lowest Currency in the World

A currency has value to purchase things. It used for daily purchasing or exchanging from one nation to another. Lowest currency in the world has a very bad impact on the nations economy. Its value is very important for business, trade and employment.

Traders use different currencies in foreign trade markets to do business with countries. Most commonly used money in the world is USD.

It’s value made with respect to country economic condition and its different national policies.

The highest demand for goods and their trade in the international market is the main success for any nation to raise their cash value.

Least valued currency has very less power for exchanging in the international market and purchasing goods. When high valued currencies transferred to a poor nation then these notes multiplied with hundreds.

Following are the all factors which cause to lead the country to the lowest currency in the world or highest valued.

Factors for currency value in the world

  • Internal and external Investments
  • National conditions of Leadership
  • Government Finance system
  • Economic condition of the nation
  • Banks Interest rates and rules
  • Trade of goods to other countries

In this post, we will show you the top 10 cheapest currency in the world. As the United States Dollar is the most used currency in the world people compare their own national currencies with USD.

We have matched all the currencies with USD to show the list of top 10 lowest value currency in the world.

We update these details according to the world exchange rates on yearly basis.

Lowest Currency in the World
Lowest Currency in the World

Top 10 country with lowest currency in the world

RankCurrency NameCountry NameEqual to 1 USD
1 Rial Iran 24,578
2 Somali Shilling Somalia 22,000
3 Dong Vietnam 20,839
4 Dobra São Tomé and Príncipe 18,772
5 Rupiah Indonesia 9,591
6 Ruble Belarus 8,594
7 Kip Laos 7,962
8 Franc Guinea 6,695
9 Won North Korea 6,302
10 Kwacha Zambia 5,252

Q: Which country has the lowest currency value in the world?

After analyzing all currencies, the lowest currency in the world is Iranian Rial. Before Iran, Zimbabwe had the cheapest currency in the world.

But after some years they started their use with USD in markets and retired from the first rank. Iranian Rial is lead to downfall due to restrictions of European Unions and the United States of America due to the Nuclear Power Stations.

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