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Top 10 largest flax producing countries in the world

flax in the field

Flax is agricultural product. Here you will find the largest flax producing countries in the world. Flax is one of oldest fiber. Stone age people used that fabric. Clothing and garments remain dependent on fibers. Fibers came according to age and people used. Where is flax grown? Flax is grown in …

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Country with Lowest Currency in the World

Lowest Currency in the World

A currency has value to purchase things. It used for daily purchasing or exchanging from one nation to another. Lowest currency in the world has a very bad impact on the nations economy. Its value is very important for business, trade and employment. Traders use different currencies in foreign trade markets …

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Countries With The Most Powerful Army In The World

Powerful Army In The World

The Powerful Army In The World is the defense manpower force to secure the nation from outsider’s invasions. Every year a big part of a country budget given to the military to increase the power level. Wars and other operations also take the extra budget to cover the requirements and make …

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Olive Oil Producing Countries in the World

Olive oil extracted from olives. Olive oil producing countries are the mainly along the Mediterranean Sea. That area has the best soil for cultivating such products. Long before ancient age, people discovered the way of getting that oil and used for many purposes. Now mostly used for cooking. Many other products …

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