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10 Animals With The Shortest Life in The World

In this list, the 10 animals with the shortest life in the world stand out. Some of these creatures are not surprised that they have short lives. While size is not really a determining factor in relation to the duration of life, these animals are also very small.

Animals form a kingdom with more than one million species. However, the fossils found indicate that the much higher number of animal species has already inhabited the planet, but they are currently extinct. The reasons for the deaths are adverse, but some live much less than you imagine.

List of 10 Animals With Shortest Lifespan in the Globe

10 – Rabbits: 7 to 12 years Unfortunately for rabbit lovers, domesticated versions of these furry creatures live only between 7 to 12 years. So, for whoever owns one, take good care and who knows, it may be possible to prove that scientists are wrong.

9 – Cavia Porcellus: 4 years Here is a great leap in a graphic for the next animal and its lifespan. In terms of caviar, these small creatures are expected to live a maximum of 4 years.

This animal is a rodent, that in nature, generally live in small groups, composed of the females, males and the own puppies that continue to reproduce and make up the colony.

That is to say, the nature of this creature is always to remain with another of the same species, so the indication is to have at least two as pets.

8 – Pez-Mosquito: 2 years The small mosquito fish has a general life expectancy of only 2 years, which is very disturbing, once the beauty of this animal is observed closely.

The mosquito fish is characterized by the species of freshwater fish. In several times it is called fish mosquito nets of the west, to differentiate the same from the mosquito fish of the east. The males measure up to 3, 5 cm, and the females, 6 cm.

7 – Chameleon: 1 year The chameleon may seem very old, prehistoric, however, it is estimated to have a lifespan of only one year. If they can change color, however, they do not seem to add some extra years to live itself.

6 – Rat: 1 year The average house mouse matches the chameleon in terms of duration of life. It is difficult for a mouse, people trying to capture and kill him, despite having a life expectancy of only one year.

5 – Dragonflies: 4 months The dragonflies have some beautiful colors, but, you can barely appreciate their beauty for 4 months. It is incredible to think that the dragonfly is in the fifth position on this list, of the 10 animals with the shortest life in the world, considering how little this animal lives.

4 – Fly-Domestic: 4 weeks Next time when chasing a fly-domestic, think that she will live only for 4 weeks. It is a species of dipterous brachyceros, the flies, of the family Muscidae. And it is one of the most common insects, present in most climates of the planet.

The fly can land on the food, and contaminate with bacteria, characterized by the spread of various diseases.

3 – Flying ant: 3 weeks The flying ants leave the life expectancy of the house fly behind in 1 week. Is it possible to imagine having only 3 weeks to live as soon as it is born? It is absolutely morbid.

2 – Gastrotrichs: 3 days You must be imagining what a gastrotrich is. These are microorganisms that can be found in marine biomes. And they are not visible to the eyes and they live only for a maximum of 3 days.

The body has more than 2 layers of tissues, organs, and cells. And it has a complete digestive system, pharynx, mouth, intestine, and anus. The nervous system and the brain do not have a circulatory system.

1 – Efimeras: 1 day These animals are in the first position in this top 10, of the 10 animals with the shortest life in the world. Unfortunately, these Ephemeroptera live only for a day. Ephemeroptera is part of the arthropods of the Insecta class, popularly known as ephemeral or ephemerides.

What animal has the shortest lifespan in the world?

  1. Mayflies, 24 hours
  2. Gastrotrichs, 3 Days
  3. Drone Ants, 3 Weeks
  4. Houseflies, 4 Weeks
  5. DragonFly, 4 months
  6. Mouse, 1 year
  7. Chameleon, 1 Year
  8. Mosquitofish, 2 years
  9. Guinea Pigs, 4 Years
  10. Rabbits, 8-12 Years

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