Top 10 Countries with most Refugees in the World

Refugee is the hardship experienced person who is migrated from one country to another. Countries with most refugees have kind heart to give them permission to stay on their land. These people have faced many unhuman activities from government or public during their homeland which caused them to migrate to other regions. These problematic issues can be on many subject. These migrated people left all things behind and go way for secure life in future for themselves and children. Religion and politics are the main war creating subjects in the nation. After leaving their homeland they remain in camps in other countries. Countries with most refugees have to show courage and friendly environment to the effected people. Some migrants took their new nationality with approach or talent but many remain in camps for safety. Asian and African countries have the most refuge crisis. There are about more than 20 million refugees in the world seeking for shelter in camps or mud houses.

Why is there a refugee crisis?

  • To find the safe place to live without danger and violence
  • Due to the bad effects of climate changing
  • Poor life security due to war
  • Economic Migration of People

US war in the Middle East countries is the main cause for people to migrate. People in the Middle East Nations have no secure lives due to violence and terrorism from different parties. If we analyze the Middle East Nations e.g. Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Palestine, these are all disturbed by the war.

Top 10 Countries with most Refugees in the World

RankCountry NameNo. of Refugees
1 Turkey 1,838,973
2 Pakistan 1,541,482
3 Lebanon 1,172,842
4 Iran 980,446
5 Ethiopia 702,921
6 Australia 692,845
7 Kenya 553,164
8 Uganda 428,725
9 Chad 421,437
10 Sudan 356,548

Q: Which country has the most refugees in the world?

United Nations Refugee Agency declared that Turkey has the most refugees in their country as the Middle East countries are the most effected by war. Most of the Syrian refugees are living in Turkey as they find it their neighbor. They have their temporary settlements for new orders to deliver. Turkey made the connection of Asian countries with Europe. Top 10 countries with most refugees additionally sheltering more than half of the world refugees.

most refugees in the world

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