Top 10 Countries with highest Gun Violence in the World

Countries with highest Gun ViolenceGun violence is unacceptable activity used to harm the society environment. That is performed with armed guns to threaten the humans. A large number of firearms are used by the civilian people in every nation. List of highest gun violence countries is stated after some description. Criminals have the upper hand for killing and robbery. About 2 lac humans yearly meet the death by using the firearms. Arms are disturbing the society peace, happiness and freedom. Guns are labeled at homes in the name of safety and self-protection. Suicides are committed in large number due to stress and anxiety. For these firearms are providing the easy platform. According to different departments gun disturbance is not the criminal activity. They have the license for firearms for self-protection. Violence badly impact on economic and health conditions. High tourism rate nations are known for their peace and hostility. But a threatened nation has no such quality of attracting people from the whole world.

Highest gun violence countries: Terms

  • Suicide
  • Intentional homicide
  • National Roughness
  • Robbery and strike

Civil firearm disturbance occurred due to publically gun availability in the markets. Many countries have no license strictness policy for public. Civil war in Syria is the main example of having arms publically. Groups are often made against each other which totally harm the peace in the society. Psychologically humans badly suffered from firearms. Children remain mentally upset and families became less cooperative with each other.

Top 10 Countries with highest Gun Violence in the World

RankCountry NameGun deaths/ 100,000 per year
1 Honduras 65.47
2 Venezuela 53.83
3 El Salvador 48.27
4 Jamaica 40.59
5 Swaziland 36.35
6 Guatemala 34.84
7 Colombia 30.62
8 South Africa 23.69
9 Brazil 20.58
10 Panama 19.26

Q: Which country has the highest gun violence in the world?

United States of America has the highest gun violence in the world according to stats mentioned by different departments. Guns are available in the markets for civilians to buy. These cause a bad effect on the humans. A large number of people in United States are killed, robbed and threatened on the power of arms. Homicides in USA has a high rate due to gun availability. Gangs are made to snatch the money and resources which spread the violence all around the nation.

Countries with highest Gun Violence65

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