Top 10 Apricot Producing Countries

apricot producing countriesApricot is one of the sound organic product on the planet. Its tree is little with green leaves and orange color fruit from white blooms. These are cultivated in begin of the mid-year season. Highest apricot producing countries have mostly cold environment which is the best condition for growing them. Apricots are likewise utilized as dry natural product, dries under the warmth of sun. Apricots are comprises of minerals, vitamins, high in fiber, potassium, carbs and phosphorus. Dried apricots are likewise not accommodating for human body as they contain so much fiber, calories and sugar in it than new apricots. Little measure of eating is not influenced but rather eating an excess of make issues like gas in body, weight pick up, blockage, sugar and loose bowels. A list of world apricot production by country is  also mentioned below to quick analyze the stats of production.

Apricot production in the world

  • Tree planting
  • Use of pruning technique
  • Requires cold weather
  • Dried to long usage

World apricot production leads to many benefits of life. It is useful for watching force of eyes. At the point when humans get to be old they eat apricot every day to dodge the vision issues. Utilized for against cancer, obstruction issue, processing, solid heart, weight reduction, visual perception, solid bones, skin tone & treatment and keep up long hair. It keeps the heart issues of human body and keeps the heart pumping the blood legitimately. Apricots are useful for a pregnant lady. Highest apricot producing countries also dry them for later use in hard times. Dry apricots are likewise useful for wellbeing. Dry apricots are rich of fiber, potassium, calories, iron, cell reinforcements and sugar, so individuals need to utilize little measure of dry natural product than new organic products which are low in that. Dry fruits are accessible through the all year all over the place on the planet. Apricot cures the numerous illnesses like malignancy, skin issues, high weight, asthma, fever, wrinkles and powerless bones issues. It has cell reinforcements and deals with tissues and cells.

Top 10 Apricot Producing Countries in the World

RankCountry NameOutput per 1000 tons
1 Turkey 700
2 Iran 400
3 Uzbekistan 300
4 Italy 235
5 Algeria 205
6 Pakistan 200
7 France 195
8 Morocco 125
9 Ukraine 120
10 Japan 117

Q: Which is the highest apricot producer country in the world?

Turkey has the 1st rank in the table of apricot producing countries, around 795,768 tons in one year. It is also biggest producer of dry apricots. Iran, Uzbekistan and Italy are also largest apricot producer in the world.

apricot producing countries

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